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Here's my not-so-life story (hopefully not too boring!)

I'm on the verge of graduating college with two separate degrees, but my journey began back in 9th grade when I took the introductory class for my High School's news network. There I first learned about video and image editing, and whilst I didn't continue on with this class in subsequent years, my interest was piqued nonetheless. Throughout the 10th grade I self-taught myself primitive editing on Sony Vegas and Gimp 2.2. As my High School didn't offer any other video courses I then took a black and white photography course in 11th grade in order to improve my skills with framing, and a Photoshop CS2 course in 12th grade to hone my image editing skills as best I could.

By the time college rolled around I knew precisely what I wanted to do in life: I wanted to work with video. Upon surveying the local colleges I determined that Valencia College (then a community college) would be my best fit. There I took multiple classes, learning literally dozens of programs, in attempt to widen my knowledge in the area.

When my first degree was to be wrapping up a new course cropped up at Valencia for live production and, wanting to further expand upon my knowledge, I immediately signed up for this course. It didn't deal with any sort of post-production, so it was an entirely new beast to me, but the wealth of information I got from it was completely and utterly worth it.

I'm now 25 years old and I think, from an educational standpoint, I've learned virtually everything I can from college. I need to move on from it and start getting some real world experience!

Why isn't this flippin' portfolio video finished!?

So there I was, working on my portfolio video, when all of a sudden I see a position open up with a company I think I'd like working for. Well surely I needed something that looked nice to present them with, and thus this site was born! In under 4 days!

Here's a sample of what I can do!

This is Digital Media - Photoshop CSX Typography Ember Promo Veteran's Day Parade, Orlando

Video Editing

Final Cut Pro 7+
Avid Media Composer
Adobe Premiere CS4+
Adobe After Effects CS4+
Apple Motion


Digital Media Video Production
Digital Media Production
Digital Media Development
Digital Media Web Production

Game Development

Unity3D 3.5+

Image Editing

Photoshop CS2+
Adobe Illustrator CS4+
Adobe InDesign CS4+

Audio Editing

Pro Tools
Adobe Soundbooth CS4+

3D Modelling

Cinema 4D